Swaddling: wrapping your baby up like a burrito so they cannot move their arms, preventing them from flailing around like a fish out of water and waking up.

Even though I had become a (self-proclaimed) ‘Master Swaddler’, Freya started breaking free from the swaddle every night when she was about 3 months old… not my fault, she’s very strong-willed. This is when we transitioned to a sleep sack. There are a few swaddle transition sleep sack out there on the market, but we went with the Zipadee-Zip. Mainly because we had seen it on Shark Tank right around the time Freya was breaking out of her swaddle.

As the creators of the Zipadee-Zip described on Shark Tank, “The ‘Moro’ (or startle) reflex jolts a baby awake with a falling sensation. Babies are startled because they wake up and can’t feel their edges like they could in the womb. The Zipadee-Zip provides those “edges” or womb-like environment while providing them freedom to roll and use their arms and hands safely.”

That description made sense to us, so we bought a couple of Zipadee-Zips online. The very first night we put Freya in the Zipadee-Zip she slept through the night, and woke up so freakin’ happy. It really was amazing. The picture above is from the very first morning she woke up after sleeping in her new Zipadee-Zip.

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