What Do Toddler’s Eat While Traveling?

What Do Toddler's Eat While Traveling?
Throughout our travels (so far) we haven’t purchased any ‘baby food’ or ‘toddler snacks’. Not to say that those things are bad at all (before traveling we bought the pouches for Freya all the time), but it’s just not the necessity that we thought they were… especially when they’re not readily available. One thing that we have found out during these last few months is that when Freya is hungry, she eats… and since we’ve tried to have her eat toned down ‘adult’ food since she could eat solids, she’ll usually eat whatever is in front of her. Nature vs. Nuture… eh, who knows?

Anyway, this is page is mainly a picture montage on Freya mowing down different kinds of food. Nothing is in chronological order, but the information about the food and location is included within the captions.

Before you completely judge our worthiness to be fit parents based on the last 4 photos, just know that we didn’t give Freya sweets or treats until her first birthday (a red velvet cupcake). Also, everything in moderation. We usually don’t like to give her super sugary things, but when it’s scalding hot outside, and we want a cold dessert… you better believe Freya is getting some too. You try and eat a chocolate Magnum bar without your child asking (crying bloody murder) for some as well.

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