Baby Food Recipes: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Baby Food Recipes: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
This was one of the first meals we made for Freya. Baby food recipes are hard to come by, so Jannika and I found spaghetti with meat sauce to be an awesome way to pack tons of healthy ingredients into one dish, and Freya loves it. It’s a super flexible meal that can be made in larger quantities, then frozen in ice cube trays* (See tip at the bottom) for future hunger.
In order to make spaghetti with meat sauce, there are really only 4 must-have ingredients:
  1. Spaghetti;
  2. Tomato sauce;
  3. Tomato paste; and
  4. Meat (ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken, or whatever floats your boat)
…Although meat isn’t even 100% necessary, but I named this post ‘Spaghetti with meat sauce’ so I felt obligated to include meat as a ‘must-have’.
Other ingredients that I use to make this dish a super meal for Freya are:
– Fresh chopped spinach
– Finely diced carrots
– Finely diced onion
– Very finely chopped broccoli
*A GREAT TIP: After you cook your spaghetti and meat sauce, combine it and pulse it in the food processor to whatever consistency is good for your baby. To store the leftovers, fill a ice cube trays and wrap with plastic wrap. We used this trick for all sorts of foods. Look for more baby food recipes to come. We use to cook a lot for Freya (when we had a kitchen of our own), but now that we’re traveling it harder to cook the things we want her to eat. We’re working it out as we go!

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