On the Road

On the Road
We just ended the first leg of our U.S. travels in San Diego. We spend a week their, staying near our old stopping grounds. The flight with Freya was easy… just a little over an hour, and she was good the whole time. We brought an apple with us on the flight… gnawing on that took up a half an hour of Freya’s time. The biggest pain in the arse during the U.S. part of the trip is flying with a car seat. Thank you Uber and Lyft! So far drivers have been cool with us putting a massive car seat in their car. Other than the car seat, we’re traveling pretty bare bones. We have one checked bag, a small backpack that is now Freya’s diaper bag (free on all flights, just keep some baby stuff at the top), a small travel stroller (free on all flights, you can pre-check it or check it at the gate), and the car seat (also free).
San Diego was great. Freya absolutely loves the beach, and burritos. It has been a little difficult being on the road and not always being able to cook meals for Freya, but we’ve been able to manage with lots of fruit, lunch meats, bread, and of course the little puree pouches of all flavors. Just be sure to read the ingredients of the food pouches because they aren’t always what they advertise. Most of the pouches are apple sauce mixed with a few other ingredients, so your child could be eating apple sauce for every meal. Just a heads up in baby puree pouch department.
Anyway, back to San Diego… It was great. We ate Mexican food for nearly every meal, and went to the beach most days. It was great to say ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ to some old friends, although we couldn’t fit in time for each and every one. A lot has changed in the 4 1/2 years since we lived on Sunset Court, but the Pacific Ocean is still there. We will miss it, and it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Freya crushing a burrito


A cold day at the beach


Me and Freya at Sunset Ct.

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