Kid Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen Sippy
One of my nieces bought this for Freya when she was 8 months old, and she loves it (thank you Katy). I will not even try to touch on the subject of baby bottles because that is a total crap shoot. If I learned anything while trying to get Freya to take a bottle, it’s that every child is different. We had a lactation consultant tell us, ‘She’ll hate that rubber nipple’… wait for it… that’s the one Freya ended up loving. Anyhow, in my opinion the Kid Kanteen Sippy 12oz. is a must-have in a parents’ drinking vessel repertoire for their little one once they start drinking other liquids besides milk.


  • It’s virtually indestructible… at least for a baby;
  • It doesn’t have excess bells and whistles that break off;
  • It doesn’t leak when it’s upside-down.
  • It holds 12oz., which is double most sippy cups;
  • It has a cool top that can clip to anything using a carabiner; and
  • I don’t mind drinking out of it when I’m parched.


  • The top is kinda hard to clean, so we only use it as Freya’s water cup.


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