Estate Sale

Estate Sale
On a Saturday morning in November my wife and I sold nearly everything we own. Bed, couches, furniture, dishes, etc. all sold for an incredible $870. Enough to retire on? Not quite. At least we took the first step in downsizing.


Backstory… my wife is Swedish, we met in Australia (travelers at heart), we have been living in the U.S. since 2007. Last year my wife received dual citizenship, and just a couple months ago (Oct. 2015) I received my permanent residency for Sweden.


So, we’re doing it… we’re moving to Sweden for awhile… Hence the ‘Estate Sale’


We’re going to be traveling for roughly 5 1/2 months before we land in Sweden, so we plan to take only the essentials with us, and ship the rest of our belonging via ocean freight to Sweden. But what are the essentials? We’re not really sure, and I’m sure the list will change as we travel. Currently the list of ‘essentials’ include:
  1. My backpacking pack (for clothes and what have you)
  2. A smaller backpack (Freya’s new diaper bag)
  3. An Ergo (a baby carrier for Freya)
  4. A small travel stroller


These are the first things my wife and I agreed would be going to Sweden with us.

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