ERGO Baby Carrier: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Family Ergo shot
Before our trip I used the Ergo baby carrier everyday. It was my way of getting Freya to sleep during naps or night time. And, its a great device for just getting somewhere at a decent pace without succumbing to the pace of a toddler walking down the sidewalk picking at every leaf and rock. As much as I disagree with having a toddler tethered to a leash like you see at Disneyland, I have no problem with attaching your child to your chest like a mama kangaroo.

After day two of our trip (way back when in Phuket, Thailand), I thought the Ergo that we had brought was going to get left behind with other ‘why did we pack this?’ items. Freya had woken up on the second day at 5:00am, and it was clear that she was done sleeping. I begrudgingly took her for a walk around Karon Beach to let Jannika sleep a bit more, and even at that hour of the morning, with the sun not even up yet, Freya and I were making a sweat soup between us with every step. I had cast the Ergo aside during our time in Karon Beach, but we’re glad we didn’t leave it behind.

We have used the Ergo almost everyday since being in Indonesia. The Ergo (or any type of baby carrier) is a must if you’re going to rent a moped and drive around with a toddler.

Picture montage of the Ergo baby carrier in action. Ready…set…GO!

Wait… these are not in chronological order and information on locations and events are included within the captions. Also, not all of these photos are from our travels. I haven’t worn a sweatshirt for quite some time.


Ergo Baby Carrier Picture Montage


  1. i wish someone would carry me around in one of those things. love this family. say hi to the monkeys for me!

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