Baby Food Recipes: Scrambled Eggs

Baby Food Recipes: Scrambled Eggs
This meal to a staple on our breakfast menu, and in the realm of baby food recipes it is great adults as well.

baby food recipes - scrambled eggs ingredientsMuch like with many of the baby food recipes that we make of Freya, scramble eggs has become a great way to pack a lot of good ingredients into one dish… and it doesn’t just have to be for breakfast. My go-to ingredients for scrambled eggs are:
  • Eggs – beat with a fork
  • Sliced Deli Turkey – diced very fine
  • Cheese – diced very fine
  • Spinach – diced very fine
  • Olive Oil (or butter)

I add the olive oil to a frying pan, then add in the spinach and cook it for just a minute or so until it is wilted. Then I add the eggs and cook until nearly cooked through. While mixing the eggs in the frying pan, I add the turkey and cheese right at the end just to heat them up.

I always make enough for both Freya and I to eat breakfast. This is just one of many baby food recipes that I use for the both of us. And, you can add whatever you like to the scrambled eggs. In the past I have put in very finely chopped broccoli, mushrooms, sausage, and more. Use whatever ingredients you like, or that you would like your baby to try. ENJOY!

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